Nothing fancy here. Just a repository for my material, with new bits and quips over on the right under Thoughts & Prayers. But first, an advertisement for myself:

The world so far has little noted, and so might not long remember. But I predicted the whole Trump catastrophe in my novel, Thank God for That, in which the vampires of Washington, D.C., vie with the vultures of Madison Avenue for the title of “Most Likely to Wreck the Republic in the Regular Course of Business.” It’s a close race. Excerpts are here.

Ok, enough about me. Back to me.

My humor credits include The New York Times; public radio’s “Morning Edition,” “Marketplace” and “Living on Earth” programs; The Motley Fool; Points in Case; The Haven on Medium; PsychCentral; Speechwriters Newsletter; and sundry other outlets.

The next novel, Right Speech, takes place during … I better not say, just in case I ever finish it.

Should you find yourself in need or want of some words — speech, toast, eulogy, letter of interest, note of apology, a pleading email, a bitter text, a sharp bris quip — let’s talk. No poetry, of course. And if you see something here that you like, would it kill you to let me know? Send me a note.