Your Voice, Only Better
Have something to say and need it said with style, substance and in a voice that sounds like yours but only better? Then welcome.

Whether you need an exegesis on complex policy; a stemwinder on your superior approach to whatever it is you do or make; a barn burner to rally the troops; a commencement address that’ll keep people awake and make them chuckle or chortle; or a eulogy, toast, admission, apology or mantra, you’re where you need to be.


I provide high-impact editorial services for executive-level communications, including speeches, scripts, talking points, backgrounders, issue briefs, OpEds, advocacy pieces, event remarks, book prefaces and business correspondence. If it’s a brochure, table tent or technical manual you need, good luck and Godspeed.
We’ll Talk, I’ll Write
I specialize in producing writing that’s coherent, colorful, passionate, and that creates an impression on an audience. With three decades of experience in journalism, government, public relations and corporate communications, I know how to translate your thinking into words, tailored for the audience you want to reach.
Detailed or breezy, short or long, serious or witty, I’ll make it nice. To get started, email me at richpliskin@gmail.com, or call me at 202.549.1453. Just remember 1453, the year the Ottomans took Constantinople. We’ll make great words together.
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