How to Work With Procrastination

The new day brings new opportunities to not get work done. As a professional writer filled with ideas and ambition but hobbled by greed, hatred and delusion, I have some advice to offer.
ProductiveProcrastination04First, at the start of the day, make a list of priorities. It can be as long as you like — in fact, the lengthier the better — but it must include at least five items. Use bullets. Wait! Don’t use bullets. Use hashmarks or arrows instead. Maybe try the chevrons.  Screw it. Use the bullets. Try the open bullets, though.
Next, place the priorities in order of urgency: what absolutely must get done today.
Then, give each item a Joy Score — that is, rank them based on the happiness and sense of accomplishment their completion will bring.
Now, put the most urgent items and those with the highest Joy Scores on one side. Spend the rest of your day working on all the others. It’s what you’re going to do anyway. At least this will bring some order to the process.

One thought on “How to Work With Procrastination

  1. This resonated in a very painful place, right near my funny bone. But now I feel better about the procrastination that led me to read this post.


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