Notwithstanding What I JUST Said …

Good to see Brooks is getting out among the regular folk, just like he said he would do last week. Here, he went to Lansing, W. Va., to cite the scholarship of:

• Sheena Iyengar
• Chip Heath and Dan Heath
• Suzy Welch
• Daniel Kahneman
• Cass Sunstein
• Dan Ariely
• others who study the way we mess up and the techniques we can adopt to prevent error
• Sendhil Mullainathan
• Eldar Shafir

As far as I can tell, the only reason for going to West Virginia to write this column is so that he could use the byline to create the phony impression that he’s breaking out of his “bourgeois strata.”
Brooks isn’t an original writer. He’s an aggregator.


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