David Brooks Is Still a Fool (.blogspot.com)

From his May 7, 2021, column:

David Brooks is so lazy that he can’t be bothered to do his own reporting, instead relying on some guy named Derek Thompson from The Atlantic to make the calls, ask the questions and do the thinking on why 30% of Americans are self-pitying brats. Of course, leaning on others’ work is standard Brooks practice.

So is intellectual dishonesty, like contorting himself in ambiguities to avoid laying blame for anti-vaxxers’ destructive self-absorption and willful ignorance where we all know it belongs: on Republican leaders, Trumpers, wrong-wing media and the Grand Narcissist himself. Instead, he blames unidentified, undefined “[m]arginalized groups [who] tend to be the most distrustful, for good reasons — they’ve been betrayed.” “Marginalized groups” is code for “minority groups.” So they’re the hoaxers and anti-vaxxers destroying society? Or is it “the people who used to work in manufacturing and who might now get infrastructure jobs”–that is, the aggrieved white Trumpers of the Rust Belt?

Hey, NYT, if you need a lazy writer for a maundering, twice-weekly column, call me!

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