Betty: Ball. Is. Life.


You know when you see a little kid that’s so cute you just wanna grab their cheeks and SHMUSH ’em around while saying ridiculous things like, “I’m gonna just SCRUNCH you all up, you cutie, you!”? Then meet Betty. And Prepare to Shmush. Seriously. Take a look at her photos. Go on, we’ll wait. …

… Right? And unlike a cute kid, Betty likes to have her face shmushed around. She’s a real people person.

So here’s the poop on this charismatic canine: Betty is a 2-year-old bundle of wonder who views herself as a 52-lb. lap dog. Full disclosure: She would do best in the home of a tennis pro or someone else with a boatload of furry balls available for chewing, chasing and gathering into piles. Ball. Is. Life.

Betty would also do best as the only dog in the home since she’s not so crazy about her own kind. But she’s working on it! Ditto her leash behavior. On the other hand, she’s fully acclimated to apartment and high-rise living, so she’s down with elevators. She’s also up for snuggling, belly rubs, going out for long walks or just staying in for cuddling on the couch while you watch Netflix and chill (this is beginning to sound like a profile).

Betty hasn’t been around kids, cute or otherwise, but if you’ve got some, bring them around for a meetup. But please check with your cardiologist: One look into Betty’s soulful saucers and your heart will melt. In the meantime, you can follow her on Instagram, @bettythefosterpup, for daily updates, photos and video. Go on, we’ll wait. …

**As an added bonus, my adoption fee is waived**

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