Today in “Oh! NOW I Get It!” #2

“The exceptional temperatures are thanks to a “heat dome,” or a ridge of high pressure, becoming established over the Four Corners region. It will meander west in the coming days, reinforced by a secondary zone of high pressure cresting to the north in southwest Canada on Friday. By Saturday, that additional high pressure will swing through Alberta and Saskatchewan; the synergy between the two will yield a multiday stretch of highs 20 degrees or more above average.”

Today in “Oh! NOW I Get It!” Entry #1

“Crypto miners compete with one another the world over to generate the computer code that results in the production of a single bitcoin, and the algorithm that governs bitcoin’s production allows only 6.25 bitcoin to be produced every 10 minutes, among the perhaps 70,000 crypto mines that operate around the world. If you’re not able to generate the code, but your rivals can, you are out of luck.”