Pekoe is a devastatingly handsome, ginger-hued fellow who knows the ropes and loves to chase them. We should all look so good when we turn 10. Pekoe is what we all want to be when we grow up: self-confident; graceful; at ease in his environment; dashing; occasionally leaping; well-coiffed, curious and a bit quirky; and unable to contain himself around a length of string, especially if you’re dragging it across the floor in his field of vision.

Here’s another great thing about Pekoe: He’ll let you know what he likes and dislikes without getting all weird about it like humans do. And one thing he likes (in addition to chasing string, pouncing on balls, exploring the house, napping in a cozy patch of sunlight, and rubbing up against walls, doors, table legs, club chairs and couches) is keeping his fur-do just the way it is. “Ruffle me not, friend,” Pekoe’s been heard to say. “Let’s have another go at that piece of string instead.” Is that cute or what!

Just fyi: pekoe is a type of tea, but fancy tea isn’t Pekoe’s bag. He’s charming and sharp, but at the end of the day he’s a good ol’ milk ‘n Friskies boy. Another fyi: Pekoe will do best as the only pet in an adults-only home, where he can enjoy a calm environment in which to relax, explore and learn some new tricks on top of the ones he already knows.

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Pekoe’s video: