Oh, Amy!

“We’re not a bunch of partisan hacks,” Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett said. In remarks at the McConnell Center. Named for Sen. Mitch McConnell. The Republican Senate leader. Who pushed her nomination through. And who’s sitting behind her. At the McConnell Center. Celebrating the McConnell Center. Named for the partisan hack who pushed her nomination through.

Not So Fast, POCs

Everyone wants to get rid of the White man these days. Deny us our privilege, send us back home to Transylvania, blame us for Tru– OK, well maybe they’ve got a point on some of this.

But be careful what you wish for. Without the White Devil, who’s gonna commit all the white-collar crime? Who’s gonna overdose on opioids? Who’s gonna live in Missouri? You wanna live in Missouri?

That’s what I thought.