Sir Kitty: Resting Puss Face

Ahh, there you are! Welcome! Come, friend, and sit with me ‘neath the club chair and I will tell you tails of mice and mensch; of rainbow ribbon and treasure buried in boxes of sand; and the joy of exploring uncharted crannies in this castle I currently share with the delightful biped with an endless flow of food and grog.

Yes, I do have an old-timey way of talking. But hey, I’m a “Sir,” which is like a knight or a noble, and that’s how we do it. Besides, I’m 16 in your years (2,147 in mine, but check my math), so maybe humor me while I spin my yarn, hm?

So where was I? Ah, yes. Under the club chair … not! I may be old, but not so old that I can’t dash and dart about on a whim, or spring onto that bumpy pad that the biped sets on her lap and tap-tap-taps at all the livelong day. Seems like a waste of one’s lives, but what do I know? I’m just an old cat shuffling o’er this mortal coil. I don’t even work for a living. Now fetch an old lord something to whet my whistle before I gag on this fur ball in my froat. Chop, chop, friend! Make use of that thumb of yours!

But I digress. That happens when you’re 2,147. Obliged for the water, by the way. Reminds me of a trick I taught the biped: If I touch my nose to yonder ball attached to training clicker, biped dispenses food pellets. What a gig! It’s good to be Sir.

Now, I should clear up some confusion. There’s gossip going around the joint that I’m a bit of a – what’s the term? … Yes, that’s it: “a tetchy crank.” You’ve heard it, too, then. So kind of you to remember. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Is it “farther” or “further”? One’s for literal distance, the other’s for figurative distance.

So where was I. Right, right. A tetchy crank. I’ll concede that I can be slow to trust, and that I have an independent streak. But a catmudgeon? That’s just my Resting Cat Face. Mostly. The truth is, well, I’m a bit of a nervous type. Perhaps a little insecure. Moving from castle to castle for so many years can do that. I’m not complaining! But it can be a hard life sometimes.

All in all, you could do worse for a roomie. In exchange for a safe, warm place, an open-ended lease, and a toy mouse, a length of ribbon or just a piece of cardboard to scratch at, I’ll give you my world, rub against your leg, and keep you good company. You don’t even have to pet me. In fact, petting can make me a little jumpy. Yes, I have my odd little ways. But don’t we all? What matters is being there for each other. What’s your word for it? … Yes, love. That’s the one I keep hearing. Nice word that. Love.

Adieu, friend! Til the morrow!

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