Thank God for That

Chapter 42: A Weekend in Raro

The near-disaster with the helicopter notwithstanding, the mission had gone beautifully. They had spread a layer of fudge from one end of the resort to the other.

Now, from the empty blue sky above the shimmering Sea of Pu’ukan, Phil marveled at how well it went, and how lucky they had been, especially regarding that final scare with the red helicopter.

“Jeez, Bun, who flies like that? I could’ve killed her.”

“Looks like she’s someone else’s problem now,” Bundy said, pointing to the marina below. The helicopter was back aloft and menacing Denny, now riding a commandeered tandem bike along the dock by the boat slips. “Whoever it is, he sure has a bug up his butt about that guy.”

They watched Penny swoop low enough to knock Denny off his bike and send him tumbling into the water between two yachts, the Mercy Me and the The Hell With It, then try to bring the copter down on the narrow dock.

Denny tried to climb aboard the The Hell With It, but Harry August and his boys had beat him to it. Brno and Junior rushed to the stern and kicked Denny in the face and stepped on his fingers as he tried to claw his way aboard. Harry August threw open the engines and sped from the island. He hoped Denny had cleared the propellers, but he didn’t waste time worrying about it.


Bundy felt good about what he and Phil had accomplished. They did what they came to do, on behalf of themselves and some very good people. Even the old B-29 made

it, if just barely.

“Phil,” Bundy declared, “I believe our work here is done.”

Phil smacked her lips and tucked her tube of 3-2-1 Blist Off back into her pocket.

“And a very good piece of work it was, Captain Swing.”

“What say we head to Raro for a long weekend? I know a Shaman of the Peace who owes me a favor.”

“Bundy Swing, is that a proposal for marriage?”

“It is, Phil. There’s no denying it.”

“Then let’s high tail it to Raro, Bun, because I do!”

“You do?”

“I do!”

“Thank God for that!”

“Let’s get the hell outta Dodge!”

Bundy drove the throttle forward, and the PAYBACK spat out another dozen machine parts. They laughed and they kissed.